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Heart-Breaking Message

Heart-Breaking Message

Postby lucasds12 » 27 Jan 2017, 17:56

this is something that I have been stuttering to make for the past 3 months. it looks like I will finally make it. this might sadly be my last mcdzienny post of the next 3 years and in 2 years of time might be my last years of classic. I have loved classic throughout its amazing reign which had servers cast about 30 players online each when it was successful. if you remember me, I was an oldie who played around in 2012-2013 a lot and I was always online to help people out with their ideas. I understand only 2-3 people will read this message. it heart breaks me to say it but it definitely looks like there is a 99.9% chance we will never see classic back in its long footsteps of fame. thank you for reading this and goodbye :(
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Re: Heart-Breaking Message

Postby HelloWorldCool » 28 Jan 2017, 09:31

Hey there lucas,

Good to see you. Honestly, it's been quiet on the forums here. I'm sure most have already left: moving on to the full game or even another realm. I knew back in 2014 that Classic was losing its charm. The company was not managing the website and players couldn't find servers sometimes. Microsoft then bought Mojang and the interest in the pre-release of the game and its history would only go down hill from there.

Personally, I hope you had moved on around that time. I hope you were able to experience the new and full version releases of the game over the recent years as well. I have had the pleasure of building and experimenting physics in the new game as well as playing the survival mode. The areas of game-play in Minecraft have long started to evolve and still is evolving as we speak. For example, ever since early 2015 many multiplayer servers such as Mineplex, Hypixel, The Hub, etc were gaining popularity. These servers host mini-games which I must admit are quite addicting. Another less popular kind of server were survival - factions, and adventure maps. Creative maps were popular too. However, back on point: the number of players have been dropping since the middle of 2016 and they continue to drop on those servers as we start 2017. Minecraft could be shifting gears again or perhaps new mini-games should be created to keep the game alive. The one aspect of Minecraft that makes (advances and contributes to) the really cool game: it is literally an open box, which can be folded in many interesting ways making it somewhat like a 4D game: it will continue to be adaptable.

All in all, I hope you've made some good memories and experienced a lot of fun in your adventures in both Classic and the final version(s) of Minecraft. I also hope you enjoyed your time here at MCDzienny forums as well. After all, what's most important is that you've had FUN! ;)

Farewell and take care,
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Re: Heart-Breaking Message

Postby _Retaliate_ » 24 Apr 2017, 03:26

Still making mcdzienny commands for the fun of it and just realized that Player.onPlayerDisconnected raises the Player.Joined event. *tears hair out* No wonder my commands that depended on the Player.Disconnected event never worked.
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Re: Heart-Breaking Message

Postby joppiesaus » 06 Aug 2017, 20:09

I... I don't know what to say. Thank you for everything. I loved every moment it.
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